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Modular cleanrooms of all sizes can be provided to clients throughout the United Kingdom by NGS Cleanroom Solutions

Modular Cleanrooms – United Kingdom

About Modular cleanrooms

NGS Cleanroom solutions offers design, manufacture, installation, assembly and commissioning of a full range of high quality modular cleanrooms to companies throughout the United Kingdom. These include pharma cleanrooms, hardwall cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms and modular cleanroom ceilings. Our team have the expertise to install the full range of services (like HVAC, Electrical installation, lighting etc.) and we offer bespoke fit-out solutions to meet our clients’ particular requirements. In addition to this, we offer maintenance services to our clients throughout the UK.

Our offices are located in The Venture Centre at the University of Warwick Science Park in Coventry (United Kingdom) and we can be contacted on +44 2476 323059. See our contact page for additional contact details.

We have completed a wide range of cleanroom installations in the UK and you can find a list of some of our clients and the types on cleanrooms that we installed on our cleanroom project pages.

The Benefits of selecting a modular cleanroom system

  1. Versatility: Modular cleanrooms can be configured to meet the clients’ design standards and bespoke needs.
  2. Time: Due to the modular nature of these cleanroom designs, modular cleanrooms are far quicker to manufacture and install commission than standard cleanrooms.
  3. Cost: Modular cleanrooms cost considerably less to manufacture and assemble than standard solid-wall cleanrooms cost to build.
  4. Relocation: Modular cleanrooms can be moved and reinstalled in a new location if your business relocates or if the layout of the department changes.
  5. Extendibility: Modular cleanrooms can be changed and extended to meet the growth and future needs of your business.
  6. Future-proofing: The components of the modular cleanroom can be changed or adapted to implement any new developments or improvements in cleanroom systems.

Modular cleanroom features

In addition to the benefits listed above, modular cleanrooms can meet the features of a standard built-in cleanroom like:

  1. Modular cleanrooms are built to very high standards and can meet all the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14644-1, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments—Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness (
  2. The modular nature of the cleanroom and ceiling design can be used to provide a comfortable, ergometric work environment for staff without compromising on the control of contamination.

NGS Cleanroom Solutions use a modular wall system that is designed by our strategic partner Octanorm GmbH. The components consist of aluminium supporting frames with composite panels and window glazing that includes a patented locking mechanism. The composite walls are designed and manufactured to provide a surface that minimises contamination, is easy to clean and maintain.